• Cora Brown Rock

    Photography is a long time pursuit of mine. I enjoy the study of all artistic mediums, but photography is the field that attracted me the most. It’s accessibility is one of the traits that appealed to me. While most anyone can pick up a camera and have a happy accident, it takes dedicated experience and skill to master. I want to create beautiful images. One of my sources of inspiration is Henri Cartier-Bresson. His keenly captured black & white images create powerful glimpses into the human condition, making those moments represent much more than we would have attributed to it in our regular day to day activities. I strive to make my images to a visual creation through framing, content, color (or lack thereof) and post processing. This dedication to creating a perfect image is important to me in my work, whether it is realty photography, portraiture or something more artistic. I always strive for my best. After almost 20 years of pursuing my photo interests, I have confidence in my ability to achieve it.
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